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Cloud SecOps Services

Forge a seamless alliance between security and operations teams within your organizational landscape, encompassing development processes across on-premises and diverse cloud environments.

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Audit of Cloud Infrastructure Security

Validate the efficacy of your security and privacy protocols in AWS, Azure, and GCP – a pivotal undertaking.

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Automated Audit Services for Cloud Applications

Harnessing automated, tool-based security scans for your web and mobile applications, we proactively shield your assets.

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Execution of Cloud Security Measures

Taming the intricacies of cloud security necessitates a steadfast partner to impeccably execute industry benchmarks.

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Services for Cloud-Centric Security Operations

Our CloudSecOps consultancy and execution offerings deliver a continuous cycle of monitoring, evaluation, and analysis

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DevSecOps Services

 Leveraging DevSecOps tools, we’ve executed over 100 transitions, aided by dedicated SMEs and our ACI Infotech CoE. Our strengths include:

Assessment & Implementation: A four-phased process ensures data-driven maturity across five stages. This DevSecOps approach boosts agility, speed, and innovation.

Product Security: Security-centric product design ensures data integrity, access control, and damage reduction. Our DevSecOps framework integrates security testing with end-to-end traceability.

Automated Infrastructure: Modular processes and DevSecOps configuration management yield agile infrastructure. CI/CD pipelines prioritize security from IDE to application testing.

Application Vulnerability Management: Automated risk assessment and vulnerability handling streamline operations, from correlation to false positive detection.

Threat Modelling: We preempt threats through STRIDE, VAST, or PASTA methodologies, embedding security seamlessly into the development cycle using the DREAD model.

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