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• Use Cases: The CloudHew’s Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) for AWS is a comprehensive set of guidelines, best practices, and resources designed to help organizations plan, implement, and manage their cloud adoption journey on the AWS platform. It offers structured guidance across six perspectives: business, people, governance, platform, security, and operations. Use cases include cloud migration, application modernization, infrastructure optimization, and establishing cloud-native development practices.

• AWS Value Proposition: The CloudHew’s CAF provides a structured approach to cloud adoption, leveraging AWS services and best practices to accelerate the migration process, optimize operational efficiency, and mitigate risks. By following the CAF, organizations can unlock the full potential of AWS cloud services, including cost savings, agility, scalability, security, and innovation.


Characteristics and Profiles of Target Customers:

• Enterprise Organizations: Large enterprises with complex IT environments and stringent governance requirements are prime candidates for the CAF. These organizations often seek to migrate legacy applications to the cloud, optimize infrastructure costs, and modernize their technology stack.

• Mid-sized Businesses: Growing companies looking to leverage cloud technology for scalability, agility, and cost savings can benefit from the CAF. These organizations may be transitioning from on-premises infrastructure to the cloud or expanding their existing cloud footprint.

• Public Sector and Regulated Industries: Government agencies, educational institutions, and organizations operating in regulated industries such as finance and healthcare can use the CAF to navigate compliance requirements, enhance security posture, and improve service delivery to citizens or customers.


Customer Engagement and Delivery Mechanisms:

• CloudHew provides consulting services to engage with customers, assess their current state, define cloud adoption goals, and develop a customized adoption roadmap based on the CAF principles.

• Continuous monitoring, and support to ensure the success and sustainability of cloud adoption initiatives.

• Knowledge transfer and best practice, documentation, and ongoing collaboration with customer’s stakeholders and teams.



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