Service Details:

– Use Cases: Providing end-to-end migration services for complex workloads, including applications, databases, and infrastructure, to AWS cloud. Leveraging AWS Migration Hub, AWS Database Migration Service (DMS), AWS Server Migration Service (SMS), and other migration tools to streamline the migration process. Implementing migration strategies such as rehost, refactor, rearchitect, or rebuild based on customer requirements.

– AWS Value Proposition: AWS offers a comprehensive suite of migration tools and services, along with best practices and expertise, to facilitate seamless and cost-effective migrations to the cloud. By migrating to AWS, customers can benefit from scalability, reliability, security, and innovation of AWS cloud services while minimizing downtime and mitigating risks associated with migration.

Characteristics and Profiles of Target Customers:

– Enterprises looking to migrate on-premises workloads to the cloud to achieve agility, scalability, and cost savings.

– Organizations undergoing digital transformation initiatives and seeking to modernize their IT infrastructure and applications on AWS.

– Businesses with complex IT environments, including legacy systems, multiple data centers, or heterogeneous technology stacks, requiring specialized migration expertise.

– Companies in regulated industries such as healthcare, finance, or government, needing to ensure compliance throughout the migration process.

Customer Engagement and Delivery Mechanisms:

– Initial assessment and planning phase to evaluate existing infrastructure, applications, and migration requirements.

– Collaborative design workshops to develop a tailored migration strategy aligned with customer’s business goals and technical requirements.

– Iterative migration approach with phased migrations, testing, and validation to minimize disruption and ensure a smooth transition.

– Hands-on implementation and migration support, including configuration, data migration, and application optimization on AWS.

– Continuous monitoring and optimization post-migration to ensure performance, security, and cost-efficiency in the cloud environment.

– Knowledge transfer and training for customer’s IT team to enable self-sufficiency in managing and operating AWS cloud infrastructure.



Duration in Weeks

2 Weeks

Estimated Cost