Service Details:

– Use Cases: Implementing advanced security solutions for securing cloud networks on AWS using CloudHew’s expertise and AWS Professional Services. Utilizing AWS security services such as AWS Security Hub, AWS WAF, AWS Firewall Manager, Amazon GuardDuty, and VPC traffic mirroring. Providing solutions for network segmentation, encryption, identity and access management, and threat detection and response.

– AWS Value Proposition: AWS offers a comprehensive set of security services and features that enable customers to build secure and compliant cloud environments. By leveraging CloudHew’s expertise and AWS Professional Services, customers can design, implement, and manage robust security architectures tailored to their specific requirements. AWS’s global infrastructure and compliance certifications further enhance the security posture of cloud networks.

Characteristics and Profiles of Target Customers:

– Enterprises with complex cloud environments requiring advanced security solutions to protect sensitive data and workloads.

– Organizations in regulated industries such as finance, healthcare, and government, needing to adhere to strict compliance requirements.

– Businesses experiencing increased cyber threats or compliance challenges in their cloud networks.

– Companies undergoing digital transformation initiatives and seeking to strengthen their security posture in the cloud.

Customer Engagement and Delivery Mechanisms:

– Initial security assessment and consultation to understand the customer’s security requirements, compliance needs, and business objectives.

– Collaborative design workshops to develop a customized security architecture and roadmap aligned with customer’s goals and technical requirements.

– Iterative implementation approach with phased deployment of security controls, testing, and validation to minimize disruption and ensure a smooth transition.

– Hands-on deployment and configuration of AWS security services by CloudHew’s certified professionals, including integration with existing security tools and processes.

– Continuous monitoring, optimization, and support to ensure the effectiveness, reliability, and scalability of the security solution.

– Knowledge transfer and training for customer’s security and IT teams to enable self-sufficiency in managing and operating secure cloud networks on AWS.



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