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SharePoint Modernisation as a Service

Revolutionize your business paradigm with SharePoint M365, a game-changing fusion of Microsoft 365 capabilities that redefines enterprise intranets, sites, and customer extranets.

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Office 365 Migration

Experience the tailored touch of our Office 365 management and migration services, ensuring a seamless shift into the digital realm that not only facilitates adoption but also amplifies your organization's profitability.

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M365 Integration

Navigating the integration complexities of SharePoint On-Premises applications into the cloud demands expertise. Our adept team possesses comprehensive knowledge, guaranteeing a smooth transition.

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M365 Customization

Our specialized developers embark on the intricate journey of custom programming, enabling cloud operations that seamlessly coexist with your backend systems, all while safeguarding your infrastructure.

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Email Calendaring and Archiving

Elevate your communication landscape with email, archive, and protection services, all encompassed within the intuitive Outlook interface.

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Our Process

SharePoint Services

The timeline for the SharePoint evaluation process typically spans from five to ten business days, contingent upon the scope and scale of your project.

In-Depth Analysis
We conduct a meticulous examination of your existing IT infrastructure, system resources, security protocols, and network topology.

Comprehensive Assessment
Our team undertakes a thorough evaluation of your licensing prerequisites, and we implement necessary measures accordingly.

Thorough Validation
We place significant emphasis on validating whether the off-the-shelf SharePoint functionalities can proficiently tackle all the challenges your business faces.

Strategic Priority Setting
Precise and strategic planning is pivotal as we meticulously prioritize features that wield substantial influence over your day-to-day operations and decision-making processes.

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