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Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (VDI) Service

Our solutions drive a revolution in enhancing and safeguarding the employee experience, offering cutting-edge virtualization options for the modern workplace. This encompasses virtual desktops as well as digital experience

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Guaranteed Delivery & Performance

Utilizing top VDI practices, we proactively manage and monitor issues, ensuring seamless desktop experiences for your employees.

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Increased Scalability & Low Latency

Our VDI solutions enable desktop expansion beyond physical constraints, providing on-demand access for enhanced scalability

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Software Audits

Protect your business from fines by ensuring software license compliance.

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Cloud Storage

Optimize data storage for your business success. We ensure your data is accessible, secure, and backed up, providing a robust foundation for future growth.

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Patching & Maintenance

Permanent configuration and meticulous maintenance ensure consistent performance

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24/7 Support

Count on our certified onshore architects for round-the-clock support. When issues arise, our dedicated team steps in, freeing your employees from troubleshooting.


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Deliver a Secure, Versatile, and Scalable Microsoft Desktop as a Service (DaaS) Solution Across Every Device and Location

Why Choose AVD Solutions?

1. Enhanced IT Security:
2. Improved IT Efficiency:
3. Reduced IT Costs:
Our Azure Virtual Desktop Services:

– Azure Virtual Desktop Planning and Assessment
– Expert Design for High-Performance Azure Virtual Desktop
– Seamless Azure Virtual Desktop Implementation
– Comprehensive Azure Virtual Desktop Monitoring and Management

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